On/Off-Grid Hybrid Energy Storage Solution

Having a hybrid system means that your solar panels, solar inverter and battery system are interfacing with the utility grid.
On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar System Benefits

Grid-Interactive or Hybrid Solar Systems runs on solar power and/or mains power, with battery backup for power outages or period of no sun. All excess power generated by the solar panels is able to be returned to the grid.

Solar Power with Battery Storage Solutions.

How Does It Work?

A hybrid solar system remains connected to the grid and uses solar batteries to store excess solar power for when it is needed, such as in the evening or on a rainy day.In a hybrid solar system, solar power is first fed into the home, and then excess solar power is used to charge the batteries during the daytime generating period. Power from the batteries is then used at night when the solar system has turned off.

Massively reduced electricity bills.

Hybrid Solar Systems give you the best of both worlds. This is a combination of the benefits found within both the On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems. Their benefits include:Being able to store power for later use with our cost effective battery storage. Being able to export excess power back into the electricity network (grid). This allows you to make money by sending power back to the grid.Being able to get power from the grid should you ever need it.

On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

The HYB Series hybrid inverters include a built-in battery management unit and Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).Working with your solar battery and using its intelligent power priority, solar energy will be provided for load first with excess electricity being stored in the battery. Once the battery is fully charged the electricity will be fed into the grid.

Solar Panel

As the name suggests, solar panels are an obvious first ingredient. The precise size and production capabilities of your individual solar panel array will depend on the amount of available sunlight in your region, the usable space of your roof, and your energy consumption needs.

Solar Batteries

A solar battery will also be necessary, to allow your home to continue to run after the sun goes down. Throughout the day, your solar storage device will charge as your panels generate excess electricity. Rather than simply losing out on all of that available solar power, a battery enables you to keep it for use at a later time. Depending on your energy needs, you may have a single battery, or even a battery bank.

HYB Series Energy Storage Inverter (3.6-5KW)
Energy Storage Inverter

HYB Series (3.6-5KW)

ESS Series Energy Storage System (5/10KWh)
Energy Storage System

ESS Series (5/10KWh)