PH5000 Series On-Grid Inverter (30-60KW)

On-Grid Inverter
PH5000 Series (30-60KW)

PH5000 Series String Inverter is the ideal solution for commercial usage, such us medium-size shopping mall. With the characteristics of dual independent input sections with three independent MPP trackers, wide MPPT tracking range, True three phase transformer-less design, IP65 harshest industrial protection level, convectional cooling system and embedded RS485, WIFI and optional SNMP interface, it forms PH5000 Series Trio String Inverter an ideal solution for small and medium PV Power Station.

Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave output.


Built-in MPPT charge controller.


High inverter efficiency.


Full protection function.

PH5000 Series (30-60KW)


High Efficiency

Max. efficiency > 98.0%; Achieve Euro Efficiency up to 97.5%.

High Reliability

Low sensitivity to grid disturbances to avoid undesired disconnection from the grid.


IP65 Harshest Industrial Protection for indoors & outdoors.Wide operating temperature range -20 C/+60 C.

MPP tracker

Three independent MPP tracking gains optimal energy harvesting.

High Flexibility

Wide range of input voltage and operation environment.Wide DC input range from 200V up to 800V.

PV Monitoring

RS485 interfaces; Easy-to-read LCD Display with all operational status and monitored data.

PH5000 Series On-Grid Inverter (30-60KW)
PH5000 series for home or business

Grid tied solar systems connect your home or business directly to the utility grid.

Grid-tie solar power systems can be operated from the roof of a residential home or the roof of a business. They can be mounted to the ground as well, such as many of those operated by community solar coops and companies.

Technical parameter

Model PH50-30K PH50-50K PH50-60K
Max. DC power 35KW 56KW 67KW
Max. DC voltage 1000Vdc
MPPT voltage range 250~950Vdc
Full load mppt voltage range 480~800Vdc 500~800Vdc
Normal DC voltage 620Vdc
Min. / start DC voltage 200 / 250Vdc
Number of MPP trackers 3
Strings per MPP tracker 2 4
Max. input current per MPP tracker 26A / 26A / 26A 36A / 36A / 36A 40A / 40A / 40A
Output (AC)
Normal AC output Power 30KW 50KW 60KW
Max. AC output Power 33KW 55KW 66KW
Normal AC voltage 400Vac
AC voltage range 400Vac±20%
Normal AC grid frequency 50 / 60Hz
AC grid frequency range ±5Hz
Rated. output current 44A 72A 87A
Max. output current 48A 80A 95A
Phase shift (cos ˜) 0.8leading- 0.8laging
THDI <3%
AC connection 3W+N+PE/3W+PE
Topology Transformer less
Max. efficiency 98.3% 98.6%
Euro-eta 98.0% 98.2%
Protection devices  
all-pole fault current monitoring unit yes
Ground fault monitoring yes
Mechanism Data  
Dimensions (W / L / D) in mm 636 / 958 / 260
Weight 61Kg 68Kg 70Kg
Environment Data  
Operating temperature range –25℃~+60℃
Noise emission (typical) ≤40dB ≤60dB
Cooling concept Convection fans
Protection rating IP65
LCD display yes
Interfaces RS485



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