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Carrying Dreams, Creating the Future: MUST’s Energy Storage Company Grand Opening

On June 24, 2024, Guangdong CPPSOLAR Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MUST Energy Storage”), a subsidiary of MUST Group, held a grand opening ceremony at Building 11, South China Power Innovation Technology Park, Chancheng District, Foshan City. MUST Group Chairman Mr. Wu Zhanghua, accompanied by Chancheng District leaders, strategic partner company leaders, and company middle and senior management personnel, attended the opening ceremony. The site was adorned with flowers, and guests from all directions gathered to celebrate the grand opening of MUST Energy Storage and witness the beginning of a new chapter for the company.

MUST Energy Storage is the second production base established by MUST Group in the South China Power Innovation Technology Park, covering an area of 12,800 square meters. It primarily undertakes the production tasks for the group’s busy lithium battery and energy storage product orders. The core task of the original company production base is to research and develop the company’s full range of products and produce inverters and uninterruptible power supplies. The establishment of MUST Energy Storage effectively enhances the company’s overall rapid manufacturing and delivery capabilities.

MUST Energy Storage inherits over twenty years of power manufacturing experience and stringent manufacturing standards from MUST Group, along with a strict quality management system. Utilizing leading technology, processes, and equipment in the power electronics industry, combined with multiple intelligent manufacturing technologies such as quality traceability and digital monitoring, MUST Energy Storage is committed to providing customers with leading, cost-effective, high-quality energy storage products.

As a service provider focusing on home solar energy storage products, MUST has always adhered to a dual development route domestically and internationally. Since the establishment of the MUST brand, the company has actively explored overseas markets. With excellent product quality and professional localized services, MUST has quickly won the favor and praise of consumers at home and abroad, gradually becoming a popular and bestselling brand of photovoltaic and energy storage inverters. Lithium energy storage products are a new product line the group company has developed after setting up the Foshan production base. Over more than three years of development, these products have received unanimous recognition from both new and old customers.

The successful commissioning of the MUST Energy Storage factory not only enhances MUST’s production capacity advantage but also marks a new stage from product export to capacity export. MUST’s global footprint has entered a new 2.0 era, with further consolidation and strengthening of international competitiveness in products, brands, and services.


Address: Building 8. No. 115. zhangcha 1st road.South China power innovation Science Park, Foshan, China

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