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Perfect Conclusion | MUST’s Residential PV Storage Solutions Impress at Shanghai SNEC and Munich Intersolar PV Events

Shanghai SNEC

On June 13th, the “SNEC PV+ 17th (2024) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference & Exhibition” (referred to as “SNEC PV+ 2024 International PV Conference”) grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). MUST made a spectacular appearance with its integrated residential PV storage system solutions.

MUST’s integrated PV storage solutions combine the PV/PH series hybrid inverters, LP series lithium iron phosphate batteries, and intelligent monitoring systems. These solutions can be applied to various scenarios, including residential and small commercial applications, catering to users’ personalized needs and helping every user access solar clean energy more conveniently and efficiently. Additionally, we have newly launched residential off-grid bidirectional inverters with capacities of 12kW and above, as well as 110V and 110/220V split-phase inverters designed for the American market.

Munich Intersolar

On June 19th, MUST showcased its innovative PV storage solutions at the 2024 European Smart Energy Exhibition (The smarter E Europe – Intersolar 2024). At this exhibition, MUST presented its newly designed integrated PV storage solutions that comply with European standards.

We displayed residential off-grid storage products integrating hybrid inverters, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and intelligent monitoring systems, grid-tied inverters meeting the IP65 European standard, and long-cycle life lithium batteries. Furthermore, our newly designed balcony storage systems cater to the most popular PV storage application scenarios in the current European market.

Residential solar storage is a core advantage of MUST’s product lineup. MUST’s comprehensive range of residential PV storage products covers off-grid/grid-tied/hybrid inverters (1-30kW), lithium batteries (up to 50kWh), balcony storage systems (1-3kW), and integrated PV storage systems (1-12kW). These mainstream residential product combinations not only provide high-quality, intelligent green power solutions for villas and urban households but also meet the needs of remote rural homes, farms, and island users.

MUST is committed to providing high-quality and affordable products, aiming to improve the global power environment and create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for humanity.


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