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MUST Unveils Cutting-Edge Solar Energy Storage Solutions at Poland Solar Energy Expo 2024

In the midst of the vibrant Poland Solar Energy Expo, MUST Company has orchestrated a meticulously prepared showcase, introducing a groundbreaking series of solar energy storage products. This includes balcony storage systems, integrated home storage systems, newly designed lithium battery products, and solar inverters tailored for European usage.

Micro Inverter Series:
Discover our Micro Inverter Series, ideal for compact applications, ranging from 600 to 2000 watts. Learn more here.

Hybrid Storage Inverter Series:
Explore our Hybrid Storage Inverter Series catering to diverse needs, with options like the PH1100 EU Series (AC380V, 8-12kW) and the PH1100 Pro Series (4-6kW). More details are available here and here.

Grid-Tied Inverter Series:
Introducing the PH5900 TM Series (17-25kW) for seamless grid integration. Learn more about our Grid-Tied Inverter Series here.

Lithium Battery Series:
Power your applications with our LP1600 Series lithium batteries, available in 51.2V and 50-200Ah configurations. Explore the Lithium Battery Series here.

Integrated Storage System:
Experience the HBP1100 Series (5.6kW), an all-in-one solution for your storage needs. Learn more about our Integrated Storage System here.

This three-day event features exhibitors from Poland and around the world, showcasing innovative solutions for the industry.

Join us as we kick off 2024 with a bang at the Solar Energy Expo in Poland! Extend your esteemed presence to #Must Booth Hall E E4.16 and explore our latest product offerings unveiled in 2023. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the future of solar energy storage technology.


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