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MUST Unveils Solar Storage Series Products at RE+ 2023 American International Solar Exhibition

Las Vegas, September 12-14, California Time — The grand opening of the 2023 American International Solar Exhibition, RE+, took place at the Las Vegas Venetian Convention Center. MUST New Energy shone brightly, leading innovation in the photovoltaic energy storage industry, highlighting its unwavering focus on the North American market and exceptional capabilities.

The current demand for household energy storage in the United States continues to grow, and MUST has introduced the highly anticipated HBP series of residential photovoltaic energy storage products. This series combines inverters and energy storage systems, providing a comprehensive photovoltaic energy storage solution to meet the diverse energy needs of American households, offering a more convenient solution for photovoltaic + energy storage combinations. MUST’s highly competitive products and solutions attracted a large audience at the exhibition, prompting many exhibitors to stop by the booth for in-depth business discussions and technical exchanges.

As one of the world’s major energy storage markets, the North American market is crucial for MUST. The 2023 American RE+ exhibition marks a strategic move for MUST in the North American market, showcasing its innovative product technology and strong competitive strength, with significant milestones. In the future, MUST will continue to enhance technological innovation, focus on meeting the residential photovoltaic energy storage needs of the North American market, and continue to improve the development of its local team to provide localized services, including sales consulting, technical support, timely delivery, and after-sales service, in order to gain recognition and trust from local customers and continuously contribute to the transformation of American energy with MUST’s strength.


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